Black Copper Marans

Beginning with our first flock of Black Copper Marans in 2017, we quickly fell in love with these stunning dual purpose birds.  Famously known for having the "best tasting eggs in the world", these birds produce close to 200 richly deep brown eggs per year. Although we primarily aim for the striking chocolate hues, we attempt to maintain characteristics of the standard as close as possible.  Hard culls (personally) are squirrel tail, white feathers, narrow frame, straw colored halo, and shallow breast. I prefer not to select birds based on chest leakage, or less than an ideal amount of copper, but those are not immediately disqualified if they're laying 7-8s. When it comes to blending lines of Marans, its easier to tell you what we don't want in our program, than to tell you what we do want.

Our current line originated directly as a mix of birds from Greenfire Farms and Dragonfly Farms in 2018. Both breeds were thrown in together (rookie mistake, don't do that).  Luckily, our record keeping has improved, just as well as the qualities present in our original Black Copper flock.  We have obtained a happy balance of characteristics (egg color, body structure, coloring, etc.) that we continue to improve upon each year. 


Chicks $20 each

Eggs $120 per 15


Eggs & Chicks Shipping To All 50 States

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Hatching eggs are shipped in increments of 15+, via USPS Priority Mail. We ship eggs year round depending upon availability and weather conditions.

Chicks arrive via USPS Priority Express. For 2023, chicks will begin shipping in March (weather permitting) through June.

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