As part of our farmlife, it is a given that we would have chickens.  We have been raising five distinct breeds over the last several years, shifting our focus to preserving the integrity of each standard during this time.

We offer hatching eggs and day old chicks in each breed, available for shipping to all 50 US states. We are NPIP/AI tested clean in the state of Virginia. 

For more information or to arrange an order, please contact us by messaging us at or by completing the form below.  All breeds are subject to availability.  We are a small establishment, therefore we must be contacted directly. 


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More Information on Ordering

Hatching Egg Ordering Information

Eggs are shipped in standard increments of 15+ eggs through USPS Priority Mail. Each egg is bubble wrapped, double boxed, and insured for the total value.  We ship eggs year round based upon availability and weather.  Shipping for eggs is standard $20.

Hatching shipped eggs is an assumed buyer's risk. We collect the freshest eggs from our healthiest breeding stock in order to give you the best shot at ultimately hatching chicks.  Fertility is consistently monitored through incubation (and of course, eating the eggs).  We only send eggs less than 5 days old to ensure maximum viability and use packaging techniques garnered from our own experience with hatching shipped eggs.  Rough postal handling, faulty incubation equipment, and/or user error are all factors to consider when experiencing hatching egg issues.  B2C2 Farms cannot be held responsible or liable for eggs resulting in a poor hatch rate. 

Day Old Chick Ordering Information

As a participant in the NPIP, we are able to ship chicks to all 50 US States. We have a minimum requirement of (6) chicks per order.  Extras are always included free of charge unless otherwise notified.

Shipping prices for the 2023 season are $50 flat rate for 20 or less chicks.  For orders of more than 20, contact us for manual shipping quotes.


Chick Ordering Terms & Conditions

We require 50% non refundable deposits before setting eggs, with remaining balance due a week before hatch. Chicks will be shipped via USPS 2 day priority express, fully insured for their value, with heat packs (weather permitting) and gro gel.  Should something go wrong on my end (I am at the mercy of my girls and incubators) I will be in contact.  Full refunds/rescheduling will be an option. I am also at the mercy of USPS.  The box must be opened and observed well upon receiving chicks at the post office.  Make sure all fluffy butts are bouncing around and accounted for.  Take pictures and make customer service reps note in their system if box looks damaged, or if more than 30% have perished.  I will instruct you on how to proceed.  If a few didn’t make it, send pictures to me within 6 hours upon receipt.  If they all didn’t make it within the 2 days shipping timeframe, USPS has caused it somehow, and you will need to file a claim for reimbursement.  Contact me immediately.  I don’t mean to scare you.  It is a rare occurrence, but I want to ensure you’re well informed should something go wrong. Should chicks arrive later than the anticipated 2 days, contact me and I will walk you through what to do and how to receive your automatic shipping refund and/or how to file a claim.  I hate to even have to type this, but once they leave my hands, they’re out of my control.  I place my trust in USPS, but sometimes unforeseen things take place.  We are small private breeders, and unlike large hatcheries, we are unable to send more at no charge.  Fortunately, USPS is kind to us 90% of the time.

Tips for Hatching Shipped Eggs

Upon receipt of your eggs, we suggest taking them home ASAP.  The less time spent in a bumpy car, the better.

1. Unwrap eggs, placing them pointy-side down in an egg carton.  Eggs are unwashed.  Do not wash eggs before incubating unless absolutely necessary (then use 0.5 gallon of 100 degree water with a TBSP of bleach, do it fast).

2. Allow eggs to rest for 12-24 hours in a cool, dry area (around 65 degrees)  

3. You may candle at this point to check for cracks and check integrity of the air cells.  From personal experience, we like to make small notes on the shell with a pencil (for example: U=unstable, I=intact, J=jiggly but intact)

4. After resting, place eggs pointy-side down in a paper carton (with the bottoms cut out to aid in ventilation) into the incubator.  Use your markings to gauge the length of time eggs need to incubate without turning.  

Eggs with intact air cells can be moved into the turner after 24 hours.Eggs with jiggly cells can go in after 48-72. Eggs with unstable air cells (rolling around the egg) need at least 3-5 days without turning.

5. By day 5, all eggs should be placed in the turners.  We suggest not candling until day 12.  The less handling, the better.  You will have a hard time candling Marans eggs (if that’s what you ordered).

6. On day 16, take eggs out of turners and place pointy-side down, back into the paper carton (with cut out bottoms) into incubator.  This will give the developing embryo more time to get into the correct position for hatching (instead of waiting until lockdown).  We have had the best results by stopping turning at day 16.

7. On day 18-21, you may gently candle again, and proceed with your usual lockdown settings (increase humidity, etc).  We suggest leaving shipped eggs upright, pointy-side down, in the paper carton to hatch.

Everybody has their own *MAGIC* for incubating eggs.  All settings vary.  We have had our best results using the "dry hatch" method--running at 99.8 degrees F, with 35-38% humidity for days 1-18.  At lockdown, we place eggs into a separate hatcher, at 99.8 degrees F, 65-70% humidity, for the remaining 3 days.  We recommend to ALWAYS have a backup thermometer/hygrometer in place to ensure accuracy of the incubator's instruments.

DISCLAIMER: these instructions do not guarantee a successful hatch, nor can B2C2 Farms be held responsible for a poor hatch.  Shipped eggs are always a gamble.  These are only practices we have personally found to be successful over the course of hatching hundreds of shipped eggs.  

Refund Policy on Chicks & Hatching Eggs

We do not accept returns or exchanges on eggs or day old chick orders.  If you have any issues with lost, delayed, or damaged contents when receiving chick or egg orders, contact your local USPS immediately (before discarding the package and contents).


We require a 50% deposit before eggs are set, with the remaining balance due a week before hatch. Should something go wrong on my end (I am at the mercy of my girls and incubators) I will be in contact.  Full refunds/rescheduling will be an option.