English Lavender Orpington

These birds descend from some of the very first chicks hatched at B2C2 Farms in 2016. Oddly enough, we still have one hen alive from that hatch named Bertie (that has since been retired).  She was from a phenomenal local line of English Cuckoo Lavender Orpington hatching eggs we had purchased. I should let Bertie tell the tale since she's seen all the drama come and go within our Lavender pen...

Since 2016, we have blended the local Cuckoo line in with a standard solid Lavender Orpington line, in an effort to obtain larger bodies while preserving fertility viability (I don't want them too feathery as to where I have to trim feathers for them to breed.)  Still, I wasn't happy with my results and decided to bring in a heritage line of English Lavender Orpington females for my Cuckoo male.  There is also a black split to lavender female (in with them, just for fun), which means there is a chance of an English Black Orpington chick periodically hatching should you receive hatching eggs.


Chicks $12 each

Eggs $60 per 15 

Eggs & Chicks Shipping To All 50 States

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Hatching eggs are shipped in increments of 15+, via USPS Priority Mail. We ship eggs year round depending upon availability and weather conditions.

Chicks arrive via USPS Priority Express. For 2023, chicks will begin shipping in March (weather permitting) through June.

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