Hatching Egg Ordering Information

Eggs are shipped in standard increments of 15+ eggs through USPS Priority Mail. Each egg is bubble wrapped, double boxed, and insured for the total value.  We ship eggs year round based upon availability and weather.  Shipping for eggs is standard $20.

Hatching shipped eggs is an assumed buyer's risk. We collect the freshest eggs from our healthiest breeding stock in order to give you the best shot at ultimately hatching chicks.  Fertility is consistently monitored through incubation (and of course, eating the eggs).  We only send eggs less than 5 days old to ensure maximum viability and use packaging techniques garnered from our own experience with hatching shipped eggs.  Rough postal handling, faulty incubation equipment, and/or user error are all factors to consider when experiencing hatching egg issues.  B2C2 Farms cannot be held responsible or liable for eggs resulting in a poor hatch rate.