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Pure Honey

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Our locally famous "buttery" sourwood honey is available in select quantities while supplies last.  We simply collect the frames, use our hot knife to uncap, and place the frame in an electric extractor.  The result oozes into a mesh sieve, and into a bucket....ready to be bottled for you! No heat, no pasteurization. 

Available in half pound, one pound, and two pound jars.


Additional Information

Honey is not only the best sweetener in the world, it's also the oldest medicine in the book!

Honey has been long praised for its ancient medicinal benefits and the major role its played for thousands of years in home remedies.

Benefits of raw honey (not to be confused with what is sold commercially, it is pasteurized) include being an excellent source of antioxidants when outright consumed. Raw honey is infused with bits of pollen, "bee bread", therefore making it a local must-have for the allergy prone come spring. It's ooziness is what makes it so soothing to sore throats and scratchy coughs. Loaded with anti fungal and antimicrobial properties, honey is a popular choice when it comes to old time cold remedies.

We harvest from our 12 hives once every summer. Whether its a gift for yourself or a loved one, get it while it's here!


Raw Unfiltered Honey

Caution: do not feed to infants under one year of age

Care & Instructions

Honey does not have an expiration date, however it does crystallize. Real honey will always crystallize at some point, especially if it stays on the cooler side.

The simple fix is to bring a pot of water to a rolling boil, remove from heat, and set your closed honey jar in the hot water (about halfway up the jar)-for long enough until it returns to normal consistency. Your goal is to lightly bring the temp back up to break the crystals down.

Shipping, Returns, Etc.

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Saving the Bees

We keep two varieties of honeybees, Russian, and Italian-Russian hybrids. Our bees fly up to two miles away from our farm, collecting pollen and nectar from the sourwood, locust, poplar, thistle, and clover sources all across Nickelsville. We like to keep it as hands off as possible when caring for our bees. We disturb them as little as possible, and it has been proven to be our most successful method.

  • Did You Know?

    Ancient Egyptians used honey in all trades, from sweetening foods, healing wounds, paying their taxes, and embalming the dead. Honey was so highly regarded, it was found buried with deceased royalty.